Risographic studio

Risography for every artist and enthusiast.
Send us your graphics and we will print them for you on a RISO printer.

Why risography?

RISO is ecological

Risography is an ecological printing process. Inks are made from soy or rice, paper for printing matrices from banana peels, the printing paper comes from responsible forestry (FSC® certified) and the printing itself consumes less energy than any other type of printing.

RISO is efficient

The price / performance ratio is extremely advantageous when printing on a risograph. The more you print, the less the print costs. In addition, this printing is very fast and reaches a speed of up to 150 pages per minute.

RISO is an art

Risography is no longer just about printing text, but very often, thanks to its specifics, it becomes a sought-after artistic way of expression for graphic artists and publishers.